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Joint Stock Company "Uzavtotexxizmat" - forty-five years. In order to improve the organization of maintenance and repair of vehicles, Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic to the 22nd January 1969 number 40, and the order of the Ministry of Consumer Services UzSSR number 74 from the 7th March 1969 was formed a specialized central administrative board "Uzavtotexservice".


According to the Decision of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the 27th February 1995 71 «On the transformation of the production association" Uzavtotehobsluzhivanie "in shareholder association« Uzavtotexxizmat », all its structural enterprises were transformed into joint-stock companies" Uzavtotexxizmat ".


The association structure includes 19 companies located in all areas of the Republic of Uzbekistan

In our system, work more than 2,300 people.


Acquisition of Uzbekistan's independence became a strong impetus for change in the companies of the Association.

The automobile industry in Uzbekistan for the group of branches, called to play a very responsible role in the implementation of deep structural reforms in the economy of the republic. And we are proud of the release date of the first car of domestic production, we - the main dealer of Joint Stock Company "GM Uzbekistan" car sales, and we are promoting the formation of the modern automobile complex of the republic.


Enterprises Association «Uzavtotexxizmat» gave a great and a good way of formation and development, and in this way, there were two years of flowering and great difficulties. Since 1996, the activities of enterprises "Uzavtotexxizmat" closely associated with the activities of the joint stock company "UzDaewooAvto", converted to joint-stock company "GMUzbekistan".


To implement the decision of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the 3rd September 1996 in the shortest terms of reconstruction and modernization of the service sends all regional corporations that have been made "Avtotehhizmat" built modern showrooms.


To modernize the restoration of the station, to buy modern equipment and special tools for automobile maintenance and repair, it has been allocated a loan for US $ 2.5 million.


Work on the reconstruction and modernization of the service expelled vehicles were made under constant monitoring and management of the company "Uzavtosanoat" pay special attention to issues of professional training of highly qualified experts to serve domestic cars. In 1996 JSC «Uzavtosanoat» obuchenie150 companies provide experts of the Open Society "Uzavtotexxizmat" in enterprises "DaewooMotors" in South Korea. During the past years, these experts are not passed one generation working experience and knowledge.


With 26 modern auto and 36 autos owned enterprises system in all regions of Uzbekistan, we have defined the primary goal - quality and timely customer service vehicles.


Since the beginning of the dealer network through the Open Society "Uzavtotexxizmat" is realized 700tys. Automobile manufacturing factory Asakinsky. For today the enterprise systems are 26 service sends. The vast experience accumulated maintenance of vehicles. One of our primary goals - quality repair and maintenance of vehicles, mainly domestic production. Only about 2000-2013 it was providing services in maintenance and car repairs for the sum of more than 101.7 billion sums.


As a result, today the enterprise of joint-stock company "Uzavtotexxizmat" possess strong technical potential and personnel capable to render service according to the requirements of the state standard of Uzbekistan to the provision of services in the maintenance and repair of vehicles, and also to understand the car manufacturing joint-stock company "GMUzbekistan", increasing the sales volume each year.


We did not stay made and full of determination further to improve the way we work, raise the technological brainpower. Together with the company "Uzavtosanoat" We plan to further develop our network of enterprises and constantly improve the trading methods, improving the quality of services provided.


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